Become a customer

When you order from the webshop (here) you can either order the product you want just one time with no obligations at all, and you will pay the retail price. 

If you do want to buy more than one product it could be a good idea to register as a loyal customer - and ypu will safe about 40%! 

As a loyal customer you place an order and you set up an autoship for the products you want, and the autoship has to run for three months. You can change products every month and there is no minimum. Almost all of the offers and BOGOs is for loyal customers onliy. When you have received the products for three month you can cancel your autoship if you'd like. 

If you do not want to get an autoship for three months ypu can pay a membership fee and just order the product/products you want av a 40% discount. 

When ypu che out of the webshop ypu get to make a choice of becoming a loyal customer or not. 

If you need any help, send us an email at 

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