Our products & services

Inner & outer beauty! 

True beauty comes from within...but there is absolutely nothing that contradicts you taking care of ypurself both on the outside and on the inside! We believe that there is beauty in everything! 



Our skincare and our health products are all plant-based to give you the most effective care in a caring way! If you want to order our products or learn more about what they can do for you, please visit our webshop. You'll find a product information on every product - there is nothing to hide! If you need any other information you are so welcome to email us at info@beautic.se 



In our salon we do permanent make-up (brows and eyeliner), body sugaring, body wraps and massage. Make sure to follow us on instagram: @beautybybeautic 

 We do also offer hypnosis session that can transform your life; help you over come phobia, loose weight or stop smoking. But it can also help you develop a positive mind, reach your full potential, attracte your soulmare or open up your money mindset...hypnosis can be used for pretty much everything in life! 


Courses & coaching

We do online and courses in the studio in both beauty (such as body sugring) and personal development. In the personal development area we do work a lot with hypnosis, meditations, affirmations and a lot of excercises trainin gypu to become the bery best version of you and bringing out the power within you! 

All of our courses will be available in english, and if you do want to take a course that is not available in english at the moment, please send us a request and we will bring it to you! Just send an email to info@beautic.se 


Personalized hypnosis sessions 

Hypnosiscan successfully be used in many areas of life. We offer personalized sessions online. We will do a consultation, either face-to-fac online or by email sorting out ypur specific needs. After the consultation we will create and record a personlaized hypnosis that ypu can listen to that will support you in transforming your life! 


Beautic Life Academy, BLA

On the 1 of december the Beautic Life Academy will open up! A members area (no obligations, no notice periods, no extra fees, just a month by month small payment, and you can get in or out whenever ypu want!)  that will support you in transforming ypu life in every area! Findin your true purpose and reaching your full potential; physically and emotionally - love, finacially, relationships, professionally and so on! It contains a big amount of hypnosis, meditations, guides, excersises, affirmations, texts, videos, audios...everything you need to transform your life! 

If you want information or if you want us to put you on the waiting list you are welcome to email us at info@beautic.se 


Team coaching

Team Beautic is the It Works team that is coached by me. All the personal development, business coaching etc in the team is reserved för the team. 

If you want to join and start up your own business, visit the webshop for more information ad registration. You will also find some additional info here. You can also visit webIf you are having problems finding what you want just send us an email, info@beautic.se