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Stor yogamatta, boll, cirkel

Stor yogamatta, boll, cirkel

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Yogamatta, finns i fyra olika färger. 

Boll, 25 cm 



1850 * 80 * 1.5 cm

1850 * 60 * 1.5 cm  

1850 * 80 * 1.0 cm   

1850 * 60 * 1.0 cm  



Users: Yoga Lovers (Women/Men)  Material: High quality elastic NBR. Features: Easy clean/High quality/Both side can be used/Applicable for all age group, also great for beginner and can effectively buffer

Notice: Because NBR material is elastic, its thickness is not fixed, usually between 7-10MM, but please don't worry, this does not affect its normal use. Due to Different Monitor, the color may have slight difference.

Shipping details: 

Delivery time: 15 - 21 days 

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