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Nexus - Blue-light glasses - Holo

Nexus - Blue-light glasses - Holo

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Our Nexus collection of computer glasses / gaming glasses will help you maintain your focus, and prevent your eyes from getting too much blue light exposure so that you can maintain your focus on work, studies, gaming or even enjoy the sunshine outside.

Holo is our round model with rubber arms that can bend so it will fit any size of head. Holo comes in 6 different models. Classic black, Tortoise and 4 different transparent colors.

Blue light makes the muscles in your eyes work harder to process what you see. That is why your eyes feel more relaxed when you read from paper instead of reading from a screen. When you use a computer or other screens you blink much less. It's not too hard to realize that this leads to your eyes getting much more dry than what is recommended. 

Symptoms from to much blue light exposure can be:

  • eye strain
  • dry eyes
  • blurred vision
  • double vision
  • neck strain
  • dizzyness
  • unhealthy sleep patterns
  • headaches or migraines
  • mental fatigue
  • physical fatigue

 Ark anti blue-light glasses details.

Exposure to blue light can also make it much harder to maintain a healthy sleep pattern. This can have a huge effect on your ability to perform at a high level and may even contribute to permanent eye damage in the long run.

Our Anti Blue light glasses will help you to:

  • improve your sleep patterns
  • reduce eye strain
  • have less strain in back and neck
  • reduce glare from digital screens
  • stay focused longer
  • see enhanced colors and contrast
  • enjoy sunny days without worrying about harmful UV rays


Holo anti blue-light glasses with photochromic lenses.

Holo is our round colorful model of anti blue-light glasses.

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